The Dragonfly and The Sea

The Dragonfly and The Sea


Powerful, original charcoal drawing that captures an exquisite yoga practice on the beach. Part of a set of three pieces of Madrid Vinyasa teacher Lucia Liencres. Available in a beautiful contemporary frame.

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A highly accomplished, original charcoal drawing of Lucia Liencres – a beautiful Vinyasa yoga teacher from Madrid. This gentle but dynamic piece is part of a set of three of Lucia practising yoga on a beautiful deserted beach.

These are inspiring works. Yoga can be seen as both an art and a science. It is a reflection of the two sides to our daily life:- the creative and the practical, the feminine and the masculine. It is what intrigues me the most. When the art of inner stillness (meditation and Pranayama), and the science of outer movement (the poses or asanas) meet they bring together body, mind and spirit and that is where the magic happens.

This pose is called Maksikanagasana or Dragonfly pose. It is an advanced balancing posture, with a beautiful sculptural shape. It gives us an opportunity to view the human body at the limits of its expression. I love the finely drawn muscles in Lucia's arms as she holds up her own body weight, the extension of the tendons in her feet and the deep calming concentration on her face.

This drawing is is archive dry mounted and beautifully framed. This portrait of Lucia would look beautiful alone or as part of a set of three (triptych). The grey tones and would suit a modern interior.

With heartfelt thanks to Lucia Liencres for the kind permission to create this piece.

  • Original Art: 40 x 40cm

  • Frame: 60 x 60cm

Thank you again for creating such a masterpiece and gracing my home with it’s presence.
— David Wrenn, Lymington, UK