In Balance

In Balance


Powerful, original charcoal drawing that captures an exquisite yoga practice on the beach. Part of a set of three pieces of Madrid Vinyasa teacher Lucia Liencres.

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A finely drawn, exquisite, charcoal drawing of Lucia Liencres – a beautiful Vinyasa yoga teacher from Madrid. This gentle piece is part of a set of three of Lucia practising yoga on a beautiful deserted beach.

This has been a beautiful set to create. Lucia captures a sense of freedom, grace and strength in her poses that is inspiring to behold. This piece is particularly refined in the detailing on the face, with a delicate flick for the eye and finely graduating tones to build up her cheekbones and calm expression.

This is Ubhaya Padangusthasana, a balancing posture that requires both strength and flexibility. That is what I love about yoga – it is like a physical representation of the best qualities we need in life – to be gentle, to have a sense of humour about ourselves, to be strong, to observe and think deeply and to not think at all. You do not have to be a yoga lover to fall in love this piece, you just have to be someone who is curious about life, always educating and refining themselves and can appreciate those qualities in others.

This drawing is currently unframed – please ask if you would like to discuss framing and mounting details. This portrait of Lucia would look beautiful alone or as part of a set of three (triptych). The grey tones and would suit a modern, neutral interior belonging to one with a kind and loving heart.

With heartfelt thanks to Lucia Liencres for the kind permission to create this piece.

  • Original Art: 40 x 40cm – currently unframed (please ask for framing and mounting)

Thank you again for creating such a masterpiece and gracing my home with it’s presence.
— David Wrenn, Lymington, UK


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