With an Open Heart

With an Open Heart


Powerful, original charcoal drawing that captures an exquisite yoga practice on the beach. Part of a set of three pieces of Madrid Vinyasa teacher Lucia Liencres. Available in a beautiful contemporary frame.

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A unique and atmospheric charcoal drawing of Lucia Liencres – a beautiful Vinyasa yoga teacher from Madrid. As part of my own yoga journey, I am always drawn towards teachers and ambassadors who embody a sweet and gentle nature, but have a dynamic and robust practice – these qualities inspire both my art and life.

I believe the ability to move our bodies is such a gift. While we all may not be able to touch our toes elegantly, we can breathe deeply and feel the warmth of the sun on our skin or the breath of wind in our hair. To notice these little details is so important. This is what I love about this intimate portrait of Lucia, alone on the beach, in Eka Pada Rajakapotasana or Single Legged Pigeon Pose, you get the sense that she is entirely in tune with nature – she is almost rock-like – steady on the beach but with her heart open as though she is about to take flight into the vast skies above her.

This drawing is is archive dry mounted and beautifully framed. This portrait of Lucia would look beautiful alone or as part of a set of three (triptych). The grey tones and would suit a modern interior.

With heartfelt thanks to Lucia Liencres for the kind permission to create this piece.

  • Original Art: 40 x 40cm

  • Frame: 60 x 60cm

Thank you again for creating such a masterpiece and gracing my home with it’s presence.
— David Wrenn, Lymington, UK