The Art of Learning

Launching my new Website and Facebook page

It is a big thing for me to put my work 'out there' but, the website now feels ready enough to launch, and I have finally set up a Facebook page for my art.

I've put this all off for a long time.

Facebook has never really been my thing but, if it helps me connect with like-minded people then, it has to be good.

Framed drawing of Ballerina in Wild Thing pose by Jennifer Glover

Sharing and New Beginnings

As part of this new habit of sharing – I've taken a fresh picture to showcase my 'Ballerina in Wild Thing Pose'.

I'm still getting to grips with photographing my work, but I think it is good to show art in a setting. You may not have the same interior (I hope not!) or exact style, but it gives you get a sense of scale. How you frame art can make such a difference to the tone of the work, the room you want to hang them in and your mood. 

I've been very careful with my Ballerina pieces to frame them to suit a classic interior style. I think you have to have that in mind. They would also suit someone who loves a touch of faded country grandeur. They're so detailed and elegant within their bronze frames, and I've spent a lot of time sourcing the deep archival mounts just to get the right look.


I know the website (and my art) will continue to expand over the next coming months and years, so thank you for doing me at the beginning of this journey. I hope you will enjoy seeing this website evolve as I embark on the path less taken.