An Enduring Love of Monochrome

8 small, graphite pencil studies of spring flowers by Jennifer Glover

I have always loved the simplicity of monochrome. How many different tones you can express in combinations of black and white. I love the way you can get deep, dark and foreboding grey/blacks; warm, rich, gentle shadows or the lightest of marks and touches with a flick of a pencil, a splodge of ink or a smear of charcoal.

These charming little drawings are of spring flowers. Executed simply because I love these kinds of flowers. I think they look stunning hung together in a cluster and I hope someday someone falls in love with them too. They represent hope for me. I worked on them at a time when I was a full-time designer, full of dreams that others would love the work I do, and I would be able to make my art my life.

And, Spring flowers do that – they give you the promise that summer is on its way and warmer times are coming.

These studies are no longer available for sale online – please contact me using the form below if would like to commission a similar piece.