Creating a Summer Floral Collection

Creating this Floral Collection has been a long time coming. I can't express how much I am proud of these gorgeous little prints. Each one is mounted deeply in Arcadia Hayseed archival board which sets off the watercolours beautifully. The frames have a lovely modern country interior feel and are painted in off-white with a slight grain in the wood.

Bringing this collection together was a wonderful process – especially learning how to mount my work, so it shines. I wanted to produce pieces that I'm proud to hang in my cottage because then I feel they will find their place in your heart too. 

And, I'm so pleased to have finally found a fabulous, high-quality, Giclée printer. These pieces have such finesse that you cannot tell them apart from the original Chinese brushwork. The final touch – hand-tearing each piece individually and then floating them within the frame – makes each one unique.


The collection itself was built up one summer, using many of the flowers I'd grown in my garden. I have an everlasting love of lavender, so that was a must (but then doesn't everyone?) I love lavender in pots, clipped into topiary, and in droves and mists across the garden borders. It has that delicate quality that lends itself so well to the Chinese brush. 

Many of the other flowers, like the peonies, poppies and the tulips, were grown from Sarah Raven bulbs and seeds. I just love her collections and the way she puts together colours and shapes – there is something so enduringly summer and unashamedly feminine about her aesthetic. 

I wanted to bring a little bit of that to these prints. A pinch of summer magic. At the moment, I have some sitting on a shelf below my kitchen china and a pretty group hanging in my bedroom. If like me, you love a bit of whimsical, country style then I'll hope you'll enjoy these prints, and they bring you summer garden joy all year round.