Moving Gracefully

Capturing poise and grace

This beautiful pair of technical ballet studies epitomises the concept of ‘slow art’. Built up – layer upon layer – each piece has been finely crafted. I love the way a transient and fleeting dance can be transformed into an entirely different art form. Even now they're captured on paper; they're still not static. They leap off into your imagination and dance their own compelling story.

Ballerinas are the most amazing creatures. They remind us how capable our bodies are. How the incredibly strong can simultaneously seem fragile and delicate. The shapes they make are so wonderfully primal. I love their elegance, their tenacity and the sense of heritage that flows through their movements.

I danced until I was 18 and I think when you've been a dancer, or if you love music, yoga, running or any physical practice, you always have that longing, that appreciation and intuition towards the beauty of movement. You know how it feels to stretch your body and delight in how it can make you feel connected to yourself.

Beautiful ballet art by Jennifer Glover

The ballerinas were originally shot by the amazing New York photographers Woszczyna & Wiesnowski who gave their kind permission for these artworks.


These two originals are available double mounted within elegant pewter frames.