How I Paint

Behind the Scenes.

I thought you might be interested to see behind the scenes in my studio. Every artist has their own way of painting – and you are always learning and changing as you try different subject matter, mediums and evolve as an artist.

This year, I’ve worked on a series of Still Life oil paintings – featuring Hogben Pottery and Burleigh Pottery and seasonal wildflowers.

I always paint from life in with my Still Life and floral work (my figurative work tends to be a combination of life studies, photographs and prep work before finalising a piece).

Watch the Time-lapse

In the Studio

I recorded a couple of videos whilst working on my latest painting. You can see the Grisaille which is the brown (raw umber) underpainting. I draw this in paint directly. There is no point tracing anything as you don’t want to become lazy – you want to train your eye so you’re constantly improving and you hand, brain and eye work seamlessly together.

I like to paint to music or sometimes poetry or audio books. Even though I’m not actively listening, I think my subconscious allows the thoughts and feelings around to permeate into your work. Over this summer I have been listening to Mediations From My Mat – a lot! It feeds my yoga practice, my soul and my painting. I never like anything which takes my concentration away from my work. Hours can fly by while I paint.

I am very lucky to have a little studio. I hope you like the clips.

Jennifer x