Your Painting's Story

Every painting tells a story and, every painting has a story! 

And that story is the connection between you and me. 

If you purchase one of my original pieces of art, I want you to be able to share as much in its history as possible.

With each piece comes a little booklet to give you an insight into your painting's journey and the inspiration behind its creation.

This is my way of saying "Thank You".

Thank you for your support, love and generosity and for having the courage and imagination to choose something unique. 

I also want to honour your support for art that isn't the run of the mill, hasn't been mass produced in its thousands but has been crafted here in Great Britain.

I hope in years to come that my art will become part of your family's history and they will also enjoy this memento of "Your Painting's Story".

With Love

Jennifer x

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