Framing and Inspiration

I wanted to do a little video to show how framing and mounting can make such a difference to a work of art.

I could talk for hours on this topic after learning so much while framing my large pieces "Ballerina in Full Flight" and "Ballerina in Wild Thing Pose". With these two large drawings, I felt very strongly that they needed to be exhibited framed. Their context had to match their elegance, give them room to breathe and also almost act as a container for each dynamic pose. They needed the right amount of white space to add to their sense of drama.

Framing to Accentuate Your Interior Style

I think of framing and mounting, in the same way as accessories, make-up or home accents. 

It is the little imperceptible details that can pull an outfit together. Having the right shoes; matching your lipstick and blusher colour, or placing the right height green plant in a corner to add depth and tone. All of these details can make the world of difference. 

While framing may not intellectually be part of an artist's passion to create, I believe it is absolutely key to the enjoyment of the owner and lover of the piece.

I feel this even with the smaller oil and watercolour studies. Framing can be key to giving your piece the "wow" with your interior style and bring you so much love and joy.

I encourage all my customers to choose their own frames to suit their walls and interiors and personality, but I hope this video gives you a little inspiration of what can be achieved. 

I do offer a bespoke service so if you need help choosing the right frame or mount I am always here to help as best I can.



Original oil painting and one of the two Limited Edition prints are now available.