Spring Flowers and New Beginnings

To be honest, I love all the Seasons for very different reasons.

I think Summer is my favourite. I love is the blue haze of lavender, the wildflowers, the warmth on my skin and the gentle hum of bees. I long for lighter days and nights.

And that is the promise of Spring – it is a taste of Summer. It is fresh starts and new beginnings.

It is the waking sleepily from the cosy jumper that is Winter and getting busy and getting things done. And nature know this, doesn't she?

All of a sudden, she bombards us with all these lovely colours. There is an abundance of flower buds ready to burst and fresh, bright green leaves to alert our senses.

How can it seemingly go from Winter's slumber to suddenly full, bursting Spring in literally one weekend?


Capturing that Spring Feeling

And so this is where I am in my studio this week. Trying to keep up with Spring. Greedily trying to paint, photograph and absorb Magnolias, Cow Parsley, Wild Garlic, Bluebells and Hellebores – not knowing which to capture first as they have their brief moment in the spotlight.

On the easel, this week are the last of the Hellebores. They're just too good to miss. But then, there are of the bluebells in the wood just down the footpath, and I'll lose them too soon. But that is Spring – you just have to stare in wonder at nature doing her thing.

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Jennifer x


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Jennifer Glover