Perfectly Pink – Hogben Pottery Paintings

Because somethings are too lovely

Since the Spring, I've been working on a series of Still Life paintings featuring the delightful Hogben Pottery's pink jugs. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen some of the pictures, but I thought it would be nice to do a post here as I've loved the process so far and am excited to show you the range.

The best job in the world

There has been nothing better than the luxury of painting these sweet little jugs, filled with delicious scent, in my home studio with the sunlight pouring in.

I was introduced to Hogben Pottery's many years ago when my Mum bought the cheeky little cat mug when they first exhibited at the Chelsea Flower Show.

From then on, her collection has quietly grown. As I've started these paintings – her kitchen shelves are now getting quite full!


It all started when …

The first oil painting in the series was this sweet little Fox Terrier mini jug. I've only recently taken the plunge to become a full-time artist, so the support from the Peony and Sage who commissioned the piece – and whose vintage and French inspired fabrics I've always adored – meant the world to me. 

Inspired by the feedback and encouragement, I received on Instagram I went on to create three more "pink jug paintings".


Hedgerow Ramblings

The next was this little Blue Tit Bellied Jug. I bought it from Clarabelle Interiors who has a lovely collection of all things scrummy and vintage and has an excellent choice of Hogben pieces on her website. 

I love these adorable little birds that grace our gardens. I filled this jug with Hedgerow Blossom, Wild Garlic and Greater Stitchwort and the combination of soft pinks, whites and greys would suit many cottage style interior.  

Since we moved to our new home on the edge of The New Forest, I haven't been able to cultivate my new garden. There is so much rubble in the borders and it is a slow process getting it plant-ready. These paintings have therefore become part of my adapting to rural life so are filled with flowers from my early morning wandering with my Yorkshire Terrier in the hedgerows that surround our home or from next door's paddock. 

I began painting the little Jack Russell at almost the same time as the Blue Tit, so they share similar flowers and colours, and they look lovely together as a pair. The Jack Russell is so cute, and the actual jug is one of my favourites. I also love the way the shape of blossom arches and gives an interesting shape to this piece. 


The Westie and The Peonies

The last painting in the set is of a Westie jug. It is a bigger jug and a larger painting, so it suited grander flowers. At the time, the peonies were in full bloom. Inspired by a recent workshop with exceptionally talented Penny German, (where I painted these lovely pale pink Peonies) I decided these exotic, Gardenia Peonies would make a perfect composition.

Gardenia peonies are very, pale. The outer petals have the softest pink hue and tend to a creamy white as they open. They are stunning but were a challenge to capture. I am learning little tricks all the time as I paint more and more flowers. My favourite tip is to keep the flowers in the fridge overnight, that way they open slower and you can keep them looking fresh longer.


I do hope you like the pieces. It has been a special time painting them.

If you have any feedback or comments – please email me here.