Art, Brocanté and Daylesford Farm Shop


A Joy, Learning Curve and a Delight.

I've just got back from my first ever exhibition at The Country Brocanté. I met some many wonderful people – customers, fellow exhibitors and Instagram followers. It was a real honour and immensely humbling chatting to everyone, feeling their warmth, and response to my art.

The day was a real family effort. We only decided to do the exhibition a few weeks ago, so my husband and father made the beautiful stand, my brother helped me set up the day before, and my mother provided the flowers of course!

The Perfect White Interior

I hope you enjoy the pictures – I was so pleased with the space which I wanted to keep it as light and welcoming as possible. Don't get me wrong, I love a moody Farrow and Ball tone (Sulking Room Pink, anyone?) but for my first show, it just had to be white walls.

I had a few people say that my little space felt so calm and gentle, and that is one of the most beautiful compliments. Everything I pour into my art is about trying to capturing a quiet and peaceful feeling. Painting, drawing, framing, writing this blog, sourcing mounts for my prints – it is all about distilling that inner harmony you feel on an early morning walk or a cosy sit by an open fire reading a delicious novel. That time that space is the rare precious moment we all need more of in our lives.

Floral wall at Daylesford Organic Farm Shop
Close up of Jennifer Glover exhibition at Daylesford Organic Farm Shop

And, The Daylesford Farm Shop!

I'd never been! You probably thinking, where have I been? But the food, the interiors shop. Oh, it is just a heavenly place. I've included a couple of pictures, and I can't recommend a visit enough.

Daylesford Farmshop & Café Daylesford Kingham Gloucestershire GL56 0YG
Daylesford Farmshop & Café Daylesford Kingham Gloucestershire GL56 0YG

Thank you

So "Thank you" to everyone who dropped by and said 'Hi" last Saturday. There is nothing like connecting with people in real life. I am of course biased, but I also think there is nothing like seeing art in real life either. Next time, I'll try and remember to make a little movie.

It'll be the next best thing.