Jennifer Glover's original paintings and drawings possess an inherent, timeless quality and tranquillity. Throughout her still life, landscape and figurative pieces there is always a sense of calm, peace and inner quiet. Jennifer believes that if a painting touches your soul deeply, it will transform the way you feel and turn your home into an exquisite haven. It is akin to listening to birdsong while drinking your morning coffee.

A painting is like a magnet, it draws beauty, and power to it – stopping you in your tracks and subtly enriching your day.


Original Oil Paintings

One should never sacrifice beauty. It is the cornerstone to happiness.

Discover the prettiest collection of paintings created from real life (not photographs). Seasonal Wildflowers and the cutest Hogben Pottery and Burleigh Blue and White China.

Capture the romance of the English Countryside in your beautiful home.



Nature offers us so much – we can feel invigorated and joyous, reflective and sun kissed.

Explore this capsule mixed media collection and immerse yourself in those feelings, everyday.

Thank you again for creating such a masterpiece and gracing my home with its presence.
— David, Lymington Hampshire



A reflection of ourselves

When you select art, you are reflecting so much of your personality – your taste, your hopes, dreams, loves and beliefs. If you feel a strong connection to a painting that makes your heart skip a beat – I believe you should treasure it.

No matter how old you are, being surrounded with delightful, rare finds is both a beautiful luxury and commitment to your taste. Fine art is heirlooms for future generations, it lifts your soul and is part of the magic that makes this short glimpse of life so utterly wondrous.




How art can transform your home

It is the little things – the tiny detail on a painting, the moulding on a frame, the mood or colour of a piece and how it will work with your interior accessories that can transform how we feel when we enter a room.

You can buy any of Jennifer’s paintings from the artist directly – either from her online shop or in person. If you require help in selecting or commissioning a work of art, then you can make a private appointment via the contact page. Jennifer offers a bespoke service where you can visit her Hampshire home studio gallery and view works in person. Or, if you are from outside the UK, she will help guide you via her personal service, or work with your interior designer, to help you find your dream painting.