My Story

Jennifer Glover is a Fine Artist whose hidden cottage studio is on the edge of the New Forest – very close to the Hampshire and Dorset border and beaches.

When she is not painting, Jennifer can often be found in the early morning, meandering the fields and hedgerows near her home with her excitable Yorkshire Terrier.

It is this love of nature, the beautiful English countryside, the stunning open skies and ancient woodlands – coupled with an enduring interest in gardening, flora and fauna that feeds much of her art. Always painting from life and using seasonal finds, the changing seasons are a constant inspiration. It seems as though to live and paint are almost one harmonious experience.

Beginnings & Reasons

Jennifer grew up in Cambridgeshire and studied art in Cambridge and later embroidery (on a fine art focused degree course) in Manchester. An avid painter and drawer but a keen lover of interiors, aesthetics, fabrics and design – Jennifer’s work infuses both disciplines and has delicately meandered between the two.

After graduating, Jennifer had commissions for London Fashion Week and Habitat amongst others before started her own design and marketing company with her husband, David in 2000. It was a busy time. Graphics, by nature, is chaotic and life was full, hectic and emotional. Always painting and developing her art – and after much stress and heartache – she eventually she decided to sideline her design business and become a full-time artist. In 2017 her artistic journey began in earnest. 

Philosophy & Finding a Path

Jennifer creates art in oil, graphite, charcoal, gouache, watercolour and sometimes a combination. She paints loose florals with a Chinese brush (having trained with a Tibetan calligrapher at university) and detailed figurative and still life pieces that take many hours of dedication and finesse. Often, one wouldn’t expect such a variety of styles from one artist, but Jennifer believes you must paint what feels real to you at the time. Having studied ballet until she was 18, transformed two overgrown gardens so far, and practised yoga and meditation on and off for many years – Jennifer’s art has instinctively been inspired by real life. She desires to create balance, peace and an elegant refuge through her art in a sometimes challenging world. It is what drives her to paint. If you observe carefully, you will see there is the always the same thread of quiet calmness and a delicate gentle grace to every piece.

On a Personal Note

Art is something very personal and to connect through similar tastes is a tremendous honour. If you love a delicate sense of style, crisp Autumn mornings, faded French linens, the ballet, or sitting quietly reading by the fire, I feel we know each other well.

I hope my words and story inspire you to share your truth into the world and have a fabulous time doing it.

It really is the key to life.

Love Jennifer